Friday, June 25, 2010

mother of a post


oh i love that guy. we have fun. we laugh a lot.
when we's mostly because we're tired and no matter what we think we're fighting's REALLY about thinking the other one gets more sleep. quite silly:-) so i'm thinking when we consistently get more sleep we might be like a perfect couple or something. because he's cute and he seems to think the same of me.
and we have these little mini's that keep us entertained.

oh watching the brotherly love. so fun.

so i've been working a little harder lately and making sure i'm doing the best i can with what i've been given. i have my crash and burn days for sure...but i feel like i do a decent job most days of mom'n it, being a decent wife, keeping the house up....but i feel like i royally blow it most days on cooking. we watched it's complicated a few weeks ago...cute little movie. meryl streep played the main character, and she owned a bakery. her kids and ex practically worshipped her for her cooking...looked forward to coming home to their favorite meals, etc. totally NOT the point of the movie, but i got to thinking. wow. kev must be so happy to come home from working all day to mac and cheese. or frozen pizza. or worse...what if my boys grow up and marry some dumb ugly girl with no personality just because she's a great, my mom could never cook like this. score. so i decided to try to be a better cook.

but i hate it. i mean i really, really don't like doing it.
so it's going to take some practice.

one of the things that's really hard for me...and most people who are home all day with kids would agree i bet, that 4pm-5pm is pretty much the armpit of the day. that hour can't go by fast enough. the kids are getting bored, they're cranky because they're getting hungry, the house is extra hot from the sun in the back, i'm trying to pick up the mess of toys that always migrates to the living room/diapers that never got put in the trash/laundry that has been folded on the couch all day[ok, you get the point]...just not the brightest point of the day. add in the task of trying to make a lovely meal without destroying the kitchen i had perfectly cleaned...not my fave.

but i decided to do better.
so....since the kids would be major underfoot if i tried to do it on my own, i let them help. and i was a little proud of myself on this one. rex is ALWAYS wanting to help in the kitchen, and usually it's like..."honey i already added the fake orange powder to the mac and cheese so it's about wrapped up in here..." [insert dejected first born puppy dog face] when i jumped in last week to making meals i found ways for them to "help". carrots were the veggie of the night. so i got them each a plate and let them put the carrots in the pot. lame? totally. but they thought they were doing me a massive favor.


then it really got exciting. i gave them each a little measuring cup and would fill and refill it with water, letting them pour it in.
i wish i had caught a little more of rex's face there...but he's beaming. so fun.

anyway. a lot of friends have been sending me simple recipes and we're slowly branching out. [hint hint. keep the simple ideas coming]
and what do you know...i'm not horrible at it. just takes some effort. and since we've been married almost 7 years, about time i tried....

moving on...

a picture to brag on our genius baby.

oh those eyes. love.
we do love to teach our babies to hold their own bottles. useful and super cute.
gus about the same age...
Photobucket oh his head was so big. glad he grew into that.

rawr. i just spent entirely too long looking for a picture of rex somewhere on this computer holding his own bottle. whatever. trust me...there are some, they are cute, and he was even younger since he got bottles sooner. sorry rex. gus's pictures are more recent and easier to find...

ok i love this picture. this is keepin' it real during gus's nap time. me kicking rex's rear at mario cart. here's why i love this picture.
a)missing 'bacon' on bottom left of picture. we have 3 of these. there is always one laying around somewhere.
b) me using the baby swing as a foot rest
3) look closely...leo had just spit up and missed the cloth. story of our life.
4) look closer...leo has a sticker on his rear. silly rex. ok...whatever, so i put it there. it was funny.

speaking of mr. barfer...he gets way more of these! this was the first 'not in a baby tub' bath. no worries, we went back to the baby tub. ha

this one is particularly funny right now.
a few phrases we hear a lot...
"oh mommy!! i got goo-dea!" [i have a good idea]
"uh-uh-way-uh" [underwear]
"wex not shey-wing" [rex isn't sharing]
"weo's cwying. git it. a bot-oi" [leo's crying...get him a bottle]

funny that in his language rex and leo both start with W. and his own name starts with D when he says it.

wex, dus, and weo.
what a crew....


  1. <3
    i'm glad you stayed up too late. :)

  2. Me too. :) Your boys are so precious. And valid points about the cooking! I hate it too, but I'd love to do better. Hmmm.

  3. And you even found a picture of them both holding a bottle in the same shirt? I'm so impressed! Hey, my solution for the 4-5 "happy hour" and non-existent dinner issue is to grill. During naptime, I will marinade some frozen meat and leave it on the counter to thaw, then wrap up some little pouches of veggies in foil, corn on the cob with butter, etc. Sometimes I'll put fish and rice in a pouch together too. Then I leave it all on a shelf in the fridge and Clint knows it's the "grilling shelf" and gets right on it when he gets home. He grills....I pick up the watch a movie...everyone's eating by 6! :)

  4. Oh girl. How I adore you. xoxo

  5. Love the pics. i think everyone can relate to the 4-5 issues. We don't usually get dinner on the table til at least 7:00-7:30 and by then everyone is cranky. i need to do better also. I'd love you ideas of easy receipes. We do grilled cheese and mac-n-cheese alot. not the best I can do and I know it......

  6. Oh Kelly, I love you! I feel the exact same way about cooking!!! I feel so guilty cause Dane serves better, but i'm selfish and stubborn and just do. not. like. doing it. I like the idea of cooking, and I actually was pretty good before we got married (i don't know, this confuses me too) It makes me feel like a failure cause I almost always feel like I foul it up! ugggg. Sorry to get all "issue-y" in your comments:)

  7. I will be sending you some easy recipes girl! Love the post--keep em coming! And Brian's favorite are frozen ice pops too..haha.

  8. Oh how I do love your post of the grans.