Wednesday, October 20, 2010

this will have to do for now...

i have had 426 different blog post ideas. and yet...have not had time to post them. then i get around to posting and there's so much to catch up on that i change my mind. thus the last post of just pictures.

school started and things got busy. we're not even IN school. but extra jobs picked up, lifegroups started, weddings, a humungo women's event, little things here and there filling ALL the time up.

i love each thing, but it gets to be too much! i'm still striving for THIS.

so last week i quit my mother's day out job. and we're hopefully going to be dropping a few other things soon. and i'm sooooo looking forward to the time here. everyone is happier when we have our schedule at home, and there's time to BREATHE.

unbelievably my middle baby turned 3 this week. that's no longer baby.

i have this weird thing when my kids get further along into the year they are in...they seem HUGE for a 2 year old. or huge for a 4 year old. but once they are officially the next age, they seem little to me 'for a 3 year old'. i realize neither rex nor gus could be considered small by any standard, but suddenly gus seems a little 'littler' to me, now that he's officially 3.

he's fiesty, that one, and we did NOT want to mess with a toddler bed when i was pregnant with leo...or when i had a newborn. after much thought we decided not to fix what wasn't broken and just get another crib. we bought a bunkbed over a year ago...saying we'd put it up when he was 3. well ta da! i know better than to jinx it...but so far...