Wednesday, November 25, 2009

almost baby time!

37 week appt today.
i was 4cm and about 70% effaced, with the head super low he said. my dr. is SERIOUSLY laid back. almost to a fault...and even he said not to go anywhere this weekend, and that if i have any consistent contractions[braxton hicks or not], or added pressure, go on to the hospital to get checked. he's hardly ever an "on the safe side" kind of guy! so i'm excited. he is on call on this weekend, so that is nice.

he knows i tend to have these boys quickly, and he almost missed it with gus, haha. he said that if i don't have this weekend[which wouldn't suprise him. he said it wasn't going to take much to have a baby from this point]....that next wed morning(12-2) at my 38 week appt he'd just go ahead and strip my membranes and send me straight over. which is exactly what we did with gus at 38 weeks exactly. so 7 days max!! i am trying to clean up, pack the boys, but take it as easy as possible today, b/c i really don't want to mess up everyone's thanksgiving plans...nor do i want MY meal to be from the hospital, lol. but after i eat thursday it's on like donkey kong. but babies do what they want, so we shall see. this is the exciting part!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

26 days until my due date.
20 days til my birthday.
16 days until the time rex would have been born.
12 days until gus would have been born.
6 days til thanksgiving.

wonder if leo will hit any of those random dates.
i feel alright, but all the sudden i'm looking at myself thinking i've never looked so pregnant. and walking around thinking i've never felt so pregnant.

the other day rex had a thanksgiving lunch at school. i thought he looked cute in his pilgrim hat. he's getting so big.

gus had some animal crackers for snack the other day, and i noticed him saying "huss" [horse] and making him walk around. seriously cute.

i'm really enjoying getting some one on one time with him. we read books and play blocks a lot. he gets funnier every day.

our friend melissa bought us this harness from our registry. the boys have had SO much fun taking turns pretending to be the dog. it's hysterical to watch.

i've been wanting to get some more one on one time with rex before leo is born. the other day sandy watched gus, and i took rex home early from school. we went to chick-fila for some ice cream. he was so sweet. he tells me, "when leo cries i will just say, 'oooo little baby leo, it will be ok!' and i will get him pacis to help you." he is such a great brother!
i can't wait to see how he and gus react to leo. not too much longer!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

a choppy update. i'm not even going to put those pictures where they go. blogspot is more work.

35 weeks...just a few more to go. hoping for a tad early like the other boys. still debating on our thanksgiving plans...i will see the dr the day before and we probably won't decide until then! i just don't want to be in labor in the van. and if that means we eat at dixie cafe here on our own, i'm cool with that.

rex is getting excited and every few days asks if "leo has come out yet?" i tell him he will KNOW for sure when that happens. he tells me a lot that he will "babysit all the babies" when he gets here...

my dearest sister, sister-in-law and friends threw me a "sprinkling" today...though it was very generous to get a wimpy name like that! we are set.

kev took a trip to russellville today and i put all the new diapers, clothes, etc away. love it.