Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1st day of preK

the much awaited day! rex has been so excited.
we went to an open house last night, and i got a picture of him and his teacher.

he was really excited this morning.

they eat breakfast in the room as soon as they get there, and rex was VERY stoked to see pop tarts on the table:-) i'm betting that was a 1st day treat.

no drama at all when i left, he was too excited. all smiles and waves. made it easier on me!;-)

when i went to pick him up, i looked in the window on the side of the class. he was talking on a pretend phone. when he saw me, he was so excited he dropped the phone and started to run over...then clearly said, "oh!" went back, picked the phone back up and said something like, "i'll call you back later, my mommy is here"
he said he liked it. the teacher and asst. apparently did a skit about sharing a book. they also have bikes outside, but apparently he "didn't keep his hands to himself" so he didn't get to ride at the 2nd recess. ha.
we'll talk about that;-)
he also said there are "magic water faucets" in the bathroom that come on all by themselves.
i asked if he wanted to go back tomorrow and he said, "oh yeah yeah, that will be great!!"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

catching up

in effort to maintain a blog better i'm posting 2 days in a row!

i am 24 weeks tomorrow. if i'm as lucky as i was with the other 2, and get leo 2 weeks early, then that makes us 14 weeks out from being a family of 5! that doesn't sound long to me. kev and i were flipping through the boys' baby books last night and all those newbie pictures got me excited. i. adore. newborns.

ugh! can't wait. they are delicious. poor kev. i will probably want 5 more.

i should stop eating like a cow so leo has a chance at not being a total chub.

i was explaining to rex the other day that when leo is big and strong enough he will come out and we'll have another baby at our house. he said, "yeah, and i bet his hand is going to come out of your belly button!" <--probably. then i told him again about gus moving in his room...and he said, "and we can move leo's crib in there too and i will be in the middle and we will all be togedder."

just a catch up on some favorite pictures of the boys from the last couple weeks.

sandy bought rex those awesome jeans he wore in the fashion show as a back-to-school gift:-) love you sajo!

those are gran's glasses...he borrowed them and was doing EVERYthing that kevin did. it was really cute to watch.

my sister brought that jersey over for gus, and rex wanted to wear it. funny thing is, it's about that tight on gus too.

Monday, August 24, 2009

new blog

well all of our friends are just now creating blogs...and being burnt out on my old one[], i thought i'd try to renew the passion with a fresh new blog.

kelly and the krout boys makes more sense than stillchubhottie anyway:-)

it will take me a bit to figure this one out i'm sure...but i'll try to be a better updater.

the other night at the gap we had a new denim "launch party" rex and the other krout kids got to be models in the fashion show. they looked SO cute if i say so myself.

i ordered Leo's bedding today, thanks to his gran and granny...i can't wait to get started on his room[once i kick gus out of it that is].

rex starts preK this wednesday. he is super excited. i will update later with some first day of school pictures!!! i am a little sad about it, but also excited about getting some one on one time with gus before leo gets here...and rex is really pumped. i know he will have a blast.