Thursday, May 27, 2010


boy(n): a noise with dirt on it.

today mine fit that definition. but they clean up nice.

we pulled out the sprinkler today. those are always a mess in my opinion, but when your yard is mostly dirt it's a REAL mess. we were already sweaty and gross from playing it was kind of like, "what's wrong with getting a little more gross while we're at it?" plus i love pictures. this new blogging routine makes me want to take more pictures. which may seem silly...but if wanting more pictures, for better blog posts...makes me do more fun stuff with my kids, so i can remember more of it. then i don't figure that's a bad thing.

rex looooooooooooved it. gus not so much. he just stood to the side staring at it mostly...aiming his gun.


it turned the yard into quite the mud pit...and while running AWAY from the sprinkler, gus slipped. luckily the camera was out and on, so i didn't have to make him sit here throwing this fit for long. love how you can tell he was flailing his arms in true 2-year-old-spaz-session fashion.


took some major scrubbing to get them clean. major.

and this one needed a bath too. i'll spare you details on why he needed one. but let's say he's not diggin' the dumb cereal, and i'm not diggin' what it does to his diapers.
there were cute little bubbles on his 'sideburns' and i'm stoked my little camera could see them...

he looks chubby enough to me!
hello blue eyes.

what morning is complete without a few time outs for gus...

luckily his sweet moments outweigh his not-so-sweet...his MDO made him this cute book with pictures of him throughout the year. seriously sweet! he loves to look at it.




that's the 1st pic of us i found in my photobucket. going to see twilight! geeks:-)
love you sandy!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

shrimpy pants

everyone always talks about how big leo looks. he's around babies younger than him a lot, so he looks big enough to me. lord knows he's looooong.
today was his 6 month check up[wha!??!]. i know, he was born 5 minutes ago. but whatever.
so before i left i pulled out the boys' baby books so i'd have a comparison. rex was 14 lbs 5oz, gus 15lbs 1oz. 10th and 15th percentiles. since leo's been middle of the 2 usually(or loose-ually as rex would say. and don't you correct him), i was expecting high 14's. 13lbs 4oz! huh? that means he went from 10th percentile to falling off the chart. i was so surprised!!
not worried though. we haven't done too many solid foods, because he hasn't been interested. but we'll do some more now to pack on some weight. we know he won't stay little long! that's not how we roll around here.
when he's 14 and towering over me we'll laugh at how once upon a time he wasn't on the weight charts.

*funny, all 3 boys were different weights at 6 mo, but all 26 inches long...*

fun to see our nurse friend today:-)


this baby loooooves his brothers.

and this baby isn't looking much like a baby anymore!:-(

just for kicks this is gus at the age leo is now. you can see that extra 2 pounds he had!!

it was in his head. i'm just remembering all those comments i got about his massive cabesa. leo has a slightly better head to body ratio. bahaha

Monday, May 24, 2010

busy weekend.
started it off by "running" a 5K. we actually did run a pretty good chunk of it! and i'm stiiilllll feeling it 2 days later. and it was t.o.a.s.t.y. out there. here's our team anderson! holler.


did a little more running by taking the kids to the track that afternoon. all the space they can handle. energy outlets galore. good idea.

[get it? 2 and 4?....]

Photobucket Photobucket


i know he's my kid and all...and i think he's awesome. but i really think he's got a great stride. which he obviously gets from his mama, and i get practically scouted by college track coaches when i'm out jogging around. bahahaha

look here

we've been having some "sleeping in" issues over here. i get that little kids aren't going to sleep until 10am, but 7 would be greeeeeeeeeeeat. gus had been waking up when the SUN did, which fyi is about 5:45. no. bueno. so we made an investment in my sanity by spending $25 on these shades. i really like how they make the room look too. more finished or something.


we had a few "when it rains it pours" situations this being our vacuum going up in smoke. but my dear handy man decided to try to replace the belt first. i really don't know how he knows how to do so many random things. but my vacuum works better than ever. he gave me smack about taking this picture. but i love a man that fixes nasty stuff for me with toddlers hanging all over to "help".


nice to know the floor is cleanish for wrestling matches.

and baby chillin'.
Photobucket "hiiiiiiiiiii weoooooo, hiiiiiiii!"

this was a fun game of pretend mommy is asleep then wake her up.


we have a loooooooooot of books. and a lot of toddler bibles. you still gotta love when they are the books of choice. love gus's blue marker hands.
and rex can flip through and actually tell the stories, correctly, from the pictures...

i just love this. he put his pants on "by sup"[by myself]

i can admit when i'm wrong. really. and while i'm trying more lately to capture the greatness of our life on film...we get some horrible pictures. not just bad quality, ha....but just bad. or maybe they are still good. like this one. because i was ticked here. i asked kev to come take a picture "real quick" and by the time he got there everyone was mad. moment--long gone. he laughed SO hard after snapping this, realizing he had caught this face, and i couldn't help but laugh too. i should be laughing that i thought we would get a good picture in the first place with 3 hungry kids, 1 of which had lost his "flops".

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

all the single ladies

if you were wondering what might've inspired my new blogging attitude, it is this lady.
warning--you might cry if you read this blog. at first. but she is completely inspiring. and she's writing down a lot more of what her kids do...and taking a lot more pictures than i am. well, and a lot BETTER pictures, but that's not the point.

so i'm going to do better.

plus, i was reading over my oooooold blog last night. from when rex and gus, were gus and leo's ages now. and the similarities between what rex was doing and what gus is doing NOW, and the same for gus and leo were NUTS. it's like i'm living the same life over again except this time with a nearly 5[what??] year old too. and it was fun to read. so i want to have something to read later.


i've been single mommin' it the past 2 days. kevin never travels for work. except this week apparently. and we miss him big. but we have had fun too. and i have taken advantage of the situation by doing 1) very little cleaning 2) pretty much no cooking 3)spending way more time on the computer after bedtime.

i find that most of the time my kids aren't wearing clothes. i'm not sure why this is. surely i dress them.


that is as close as i've gotten to all 3 smiling. about 0.2 seconds after that leo poked gus the eye, gus screamed, leo cried from the noise...worth the not-so-great-picture? well sure.
i feel like leo's saying, "yeah! look at me hangin' with the big guys!"

so here's what we've been doing. i'm always making lists. to-do's. shopping. stuff we need. stuff we want....and so gus copies.

he's been saying, "uuuuup, down...and ah-cwoss. yeah....wight....good job!" working on "letters". so big.

and when the big ones play or nap, this one gets some attention. my little pantsies. those blue eyes. he fits right in my little german boy camp.


and they wake up and we play some more.
and usually we spaz pick up about 4:30, pull something together for dinner, then it's wrestle mania with daddy.

but tonight after dinner, with the boys feeling the space where daddy should be...we decided to make brownies. and i decided to try not to be a neat freak. and i wasn't.

because it's impossible.


then we chubbed out, took baths, brushed brownie out of teeth and went to bed. with minimal bacon and bear throwing tonight. [bedtime when it's still light out is tough over here.]

and i'm left with this.
and i'm gunna call that success. because clearly i didn't waste my time cleaning all day(but we know it'll get done). because, hello. there's a fort in that picture. cool moms build forts. and play bad guys in them. and then put cars on top and punch them from underneath to see how far they will fly. (even though sometimes i'd just like to play a nice quiet game of push the car quietly and drive to the store or something. but exploding and throwing and shooting and wild it is.)

and because now i have this.


so i suppose i should go do something about those "before" house pictures now.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


i have always just wanted to be a mom. to have lots of babies. and just play. and when i got that, i just wanted to be home with them. i think this is why i could NOT pick a major and stick with it in college, because i just. didn't. care. it's not what i wanted. this is.

when we started our nutty, gazelle intense, payoffthisdebtthat'ssuckingthelifeoutofus focus, i was "with" the boys, but not like i wanted. i didn't feel like i could say i'm a stay-at-home-mom, without saying, "well, i stay home sometimes, but they come with me to work mondays and thursdays and we go to another place on tuesday morning, then i work at night and kevin is with them..." etc. now i really, finally FEEL like a stay-at-home mom. and THIS is what i wanted.

and some days i think i'm really, really horrible at it. i can spaz when things don't get put away and then can't be found...don't get me started on "The bad guys GO in the bad guy BUCKET...then we will KNOW where the bad guys are...". and i'm a pretty horrible cook. i suppose we all eat, as we make it from day to day...but i can't even really tell you what we eat. we have days where we watch too much tv. but we usually make up for it the next day by trying to watch none. it's all about balance, i figure. and every day i mean to iron kev's pants for the next day. like a good wife. and most every day he irons his own pants at 10:30pm. i love him. and love that he doesn't expect me to iron his pants anyway. i pretty much look like a slug everyday. because why get dressed if i'm going to get spit up on, and why fix my hair when i'm going to play on the floor? besides...that just means i'll look really good in comparison when i occassionally DO get dressed and ready. right?

but some days are pretty smooth. there's minimal fighting and fussing and whining...and the house stays clean-ish and kids get played with. those are my favorite. i'm pretty excited that we've had more of those recently than the "what in the world did we do today, b/c we sure didn't clean or accomplish anything?" days.

but at the end of both of those days i still love this a lot.

(i don't have a picture yet of all 3 smiling. but i'm getting more and more of at least 2 smiling, and i call that success)

the big boys love their brother. the other day i had leo propped in the corner of the couch while i washed dishes[though i do NOT do this now that he plops on his face, and pushes his feet against the back and propels himself onto the floor. not that that's happened]...and his feet just stayed up b/c he's froggy like like that. and rex got him an ottoman.

when you have more than 1 kid, i assume particularly if they are the same sex, you get asked a LOT who they look more like. and i've always thought leo looked more like rex. some baby pictures are uncanny. gus has always been my chub and had a more round face. but this picture i see some leo-ness. i see gus's eyes, but their smile is very similar.

definitely brothers.

how did i get 3 dimpled boys. love.

going to try to write more in my posts. i used to back in the xanga days and it's fun and i love reading back over those...recently all i do is pictures and it's hard to remember what was going on. so stay tuned.
or skim through for pictures, whichever.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

geek alert

oh bad guys. i am outnumbered, you win.
you wreak havoc on my home every day, like an actual band of little messy bad guys.

(btw--leo is like a baby now. not a newborn. what in the world is that about?

i am a self proclaimed neat freak. but everyone knows your house can't stay perfect ALL the time. although, i think that EVERY time i get it super clean "THIS time it will stay!" stays perfect a few hours, then a little clutter builds up. i stupidly ignore it. then a few more hours it's straight up disastrous. but here's why my nerdiness comes in. sometimes i let it go a little further than that on like state of emergency messy, because in my weird head the messier it is before, the cleaner it seems after. [same principle applies to dirty kids.]
the day after mother's day this is what had happened to my kitchen. believe it or not kev had the house completely spotless that morning. but this is what a day of living in your house + grocery shopping(with 3 kids) does.

i am SUCH A geek that i took before and after pictures. this is to remind me the next time my house seems overwhelming that i always end up with a clean house again.

how's THAT for a nerdy post??