Wednesday, April 28, 2010

changing things up

blarg. i sneezed the other day while holding my coffee and checking email. i spilt said coffee on the keyboard...and now my clicky things by the mouse pad thing don't work. so i can't move those pictures where i want them. oops.

so things are about to change up here at the krout hole.

leo--about done swaddling this kid. moving from newbie-dom into baby-dom. sadness...but they do have to grow i guess. i am looking foward to fewer, but longer naps....he's started some food recently, so we'll start working on more of a breakfast,snack,lunch,snack,dinner,bedtime snack routine instead of every 3 hours all day. i get that it's pretty much the same. whatever. it's different to me.

[picture of swaddled leo]

gus--scared about this one. going to start potty training him tomorrow. he keeps taking his diapers off[wet? dirty? whatever!] and "going potty". he's never actually done anything there...but he's definitely making some connections. so going unders tomorrow. n.e.r..v..o.u.s...and a little tired just thinking about it. 2 in diapers has not been nearly the big deal people make it out to be, but 2 in underwear will be nice! i'm only slightly concerned that all the 2T/3T underwear i kept for potty training purposes might be to small on GUS the BUS. hoping i don't have to buy any!! i seriously have about 18 pairs...

{this is where that diaper picture at the top should be. whatev}

rex--going to be FIVE soon. FIVE!!! good lord. how did that happen? he's not going to K this year, so it's still preschool age to me, but that's totally old enough for school and i'm bummed! every day he asks if it's his birthday. every. day. he wants a DS. HA!! keep dreamin' son....

so before all these big boy things happen, i've been trying desperately to capture our current stages. i love them all right where they are! some things will be easier when they move into the next phase, but i always miss the previous one when it's gone.

love his serious little face and forehead, and his intense determination to eat his entire arm.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

no particular order on this stuff.
gus loooooves leo. he's always saying this stuff.
"i checka weo" -i'll check on leo
"i talka weo"
"weo, a paci?"
"weo, what wong?"
and my when he talks in a baby voice to him...just a tad higher than his regular voice. he sat here forever this morning helping weo keep his paci it. leo just loves watching him. rex doesn't spend nearly as much time stopping to hang out with the baby. i think leo and gus will be tight:-)

leo can almost fit both hands in his mouth. when he's happy/excited he always does this.

ok i love this stage about little boys. they all at some point love to line cars up!

we've started a big project in the front...digging up the old flower bed. it's a work in progress, but we have some good help.

notice who has what shovel here...

Thursday, April 15, 2010


i feel like i only post about the weather lately. but seriously. it's ridiculously gorgeous. we've spent most of our time in the front yard or park hopping. leo seems to enjoy it too.

kev already showing off his favorite baby trick.

nothing like getting nasty dirty at the park then getting super clean in the tub. they seem cleaner the nastier they were pre-bath. this is a so-fresh-an-so-clean pic ready to make cookies.

some updates.

rex--favorite mispronunciation
without= "about"
ex. "i'm going to be a bad guy, but about a mask this time"
gus--been a bit of a handful lately middle child? ;-) i feel like he's right on the brink of moving into a little bit more reasoning/logic. his receptive language is ok, but communicates horribly. lol....he's not been sleeping so hot either. but getting better. i have a picture to prove it. ha

leo--rolled over the other day! though so did some of his lil friends that are younger than him. haha....he's the happiest thing. loves staring at his brothers and grinning with his whole face, and sucking on his fingers. a new talent.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010


we're debt free. holler for the dollar.

easter was very nice:-)
leo already likes daddy's fun trick of sitting on his hand up in the air. he was cracking up here.

rex started lil kicksters soccer. he had a big time. ran. ran. ran. took a great nap:)

life is good.

Friday, April 2, 2010


and it is extra good for us. b/c this morning, we paid off the last of my student loan. $3260.88

HOORAY!! still just a bit to go in medical debt, but we should finish this month, then hopefully stay on top of it, not letting medical roll over anymore.

so. excited. it's been a long time comin'.

couponing is pretty much my obsession. all those pilsbury things cost me under $5 after my coupons. can you say a lot of breakfast for dinner in our near future??