Monday, January 3, 2011

sorry to be flakey

but i'm switching back to xanga, but starting a fresh blog.

here it is...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

spaz attacks and kid stories

a few weeks ago i hurt my back. i have never felt so old. how did i do it? NO idea. i got out of the car at my sister's house and suddenly could barely move. taking a breath felt like a stabbing pain in my chest. i thought i might pass out! after several days of VERY limited movement...lots of advil and chiropractor appointments, i was ok. but i learned a lot in those few days. 1)apparently your back is very important. 2) breathing as well, very important. 3)children are not going to slow down, be extra low maintenance and quiet, just because you don't feel good.

one day in the middle of that i was very carefully sweeping the kitchen that is covered in crumbs many times a day. it was taking an eternity because of my limited mobility. rex and gus got involved in a little game of "fun fighting", as little boys are wont to do. occasionally[ok, often] an innocent game of fun fighting gets out of control and someone cries...and it's no fun anymore. well i was too hurt to break it up if it were to get ugly. and i couldn't take a deep breath to yell over them to stop before it got bad. feeling very frustrated in my complete uselessness as a mother at that point, in desperation i took the broom i was using and slammed it against the fridge to try to distract them. i didn't mean to look as spastic and out of control as i'm sure i did. i had no way of getting their attention without hurting myself further! but i had to laugh after i saw i had done this....and the boys did not even hear my little outburst and were still "fun fighting", unphased, in the living room.

and i will not buy a new broom. every day i'm going to make myself use this little reminder to be a little more self controlled. i often remember a phrase another dear friend has out of control parent cannot teach self-control. i'm actually really glad they didn't even see or hear that. me and God is embarrassing enough.

speaking of self-control. i spend a lot of time trying to teach the kids....specifically gus, what self-control is. "control your mouth and don't talk when i talk....control your body and sit STILL at dinner....control your arms and do not hit...". gus loooooooves to be read books. but he has a lot to say. and constantly interupts to point at things on the pages, so our self-control talks often come during our reading time. well the other day i was reading both big boys a book and gus kept interupting. rex sighed, "ugh...GUS. could you PLEASE use a little self-control??"

[i keep meaning to write the rest of these stories down, so here they are.]
one morning recently rex woke up and walked right into my room where i was getting ready. with the most serious/concerned face said, "mommy. you're not gonna believe this. yesterday, i was playing ball with daddy, and he threw the ball to me SO HARD that i really think he was trying to kill me."
say wha?! who says boys have no drama...

gus and rex have a cars book about mater and lightning telling spooky stories. it's all silly and fun and not actually scary. but gus missed the joke the other night and was seriously scared over this goofy book..he whined after we tucked them in and i went back to check on him. he asked me, "mommy, you put dat lightning and mater book up in a bag? pwease?"

i looooooove kids with manners, and that's another thing we try hard on. the other day rex said "no thank you" to me, and gus said, "WEX!!! dat is so GWEAT! i wuv dose manners!!!"

rex apparently has a girlfriend. but i asked him what that even means...and he said, "well if a girl has a boyfriend and a boy has a girlfriend that just means they are friends." ok then, that's just fine;-)

never a dull moment!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

october summary. in pictures.

i now have 3 mobile children. this is dipping into my blogging time;-)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

this will have to do for now...

i have had 426 different blog post ideas. and yet...have not had time to post them. then i get around to posting and there's so much to catch up on that i change my mind. thus the last post of just pictures.

school started and things got busy. we're not even IN school. but extra jobs picked up, lifegroups started, weddings, a humungo women's event, little things here and there filling ALL the time up.

i love each thing, but it gets to be too much! i'm still striving for THIS.

so last week i quit my mother's day out job. and we're hopefully going to be dropping a few other things soon. and i'm sooooo looking forward to the time here. everyone is happier when we have our schedule at home, and there's time to BREATHE.

unbelievably my middle baby turned 3 this week. that's no longer baby.

i have this weird thing when my kids get further along into the year they are in...they seem HUGE for a 2 year old. or huge for a 4 year old. but once they are officially the next age, they seem little to me 'for a 3 year old'. i realize neither rex nor gus could be considered small by any standard, but suddenly gus seems a little 'littler' to me, now that he's officially 3.

he's fiesty, that one, and we did NOT want to mess with a toddler bed when i was pregnant with leo...or when i had a newborn. after much thought we decided not to fix what wasn't broken and just get another crib. we bought a bunkbed over a year ago...saying we'd put it up when he was 3. well ta da! i know better than to jinx it...but so far...

Monday, September 13, 2010

good plan

well i gotta say i've stuck with that 'bible time' thing and it has been so fun. and productive. nice when something works! a few days ago we learned "do everything without complaining, phil 2:14"...gus's version is "do everything without whining" ;-) kevin was home for lunch one day and said he didn't want to go back, and rex straight called him out on it and quoted the verse. boo ya.

i've been meaning to come up with a more specific schedule for our days at home. today i finally started one and it worked great.
7-8:30 boys wake up, eat, get dressed, brush teeth [rex sleeps later...gus plays his little "twain compoota" while we wait on him]
8:30 bible time
8:45 color/worksheet/something at the table while i wash breakfast dishes
9:00 play
10:00 snack
10:15 chores
10:30 play
11:15 lunch
11:45 boys clean up room
12:00 gus nap

then rex and i hang some more school work type stuff...clean up...sometimes watch a movie or let him play his leapster.

it's been a GOOD day.

a few pics to prove it.

working on 'homework'
yeah he's wearing a head band. he's awesome. i also just noticed he's using his right hand. thought he was a lefty. make up your mind gus!


boys are weird.

look at all these teeth!!


another reason things have been going well, is i've been implementing some duggar rules. i know people talk a lot of trash about them, but i love me some duggars. they do a great job with those kids! i got to go see her speak last week, and she had some FABULOUS ideas on things to do with preschoolers, discipline-wise. i keep meaning to type my notes up...and i will....but seeing some nice results! my favorite is replacing 'yes mam' with 'yes mam, i'd be happy to'. oh my word it's so cute and cheerful. love it.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


i often notice our life moving in waves. waves of super easy, every one gets along, organized, simple and lovely. we look at our kids and think, "how did we deserve this?"
...often followed by waves of stress, general unrest, busyness, chaos and "omg. did we create these monsters? didn't we use to like them? "

what generally happens at the end of one the 'bad' i pout for a bit. "things are so hard! i screwed all this up!"... then i snap out of that and decide things are bad because i let them get that way, and i shape up. i work harder at our routines. i take more time for myself and kevin. i'm more consistent with the kids. i work hard at fixing the things that had gotten out of control.

and i stick with it.

for a week or two. or sometimes a month.

then i start to slack again...something stresses me out and i let it effect me. i let the kids notice. they start taking advantage of me not being totally on the ball and start acting out. then i'm stressed that they aren't obeying. i'm working so hard to referee some days that my house gets trashed. and if you know me at all you know i hardly function if my house isn't as clean as i like it. then kevin gets home from work and i'm frazzled, no dinner, and i'm asking for help because the kids are whining and i didn't finish what i wanted to.
he must love that!!;-)

agh! how did it get out of control so fast?!
so i pout for a day. then i decide to snap out of it.
and another wave starts.
so i get a plan.
and when i get a new plan i'm always sure it will last. "this time we will not sink back into that nutty life we were living!"
maybe this time it will.

if you didn't see this coming....i started a new plan.
because your attitude determines your altitude[insert cheesy poster of killer whale leaping out of the ocean]. bahahaha. i hate that saying. but really, i can get a BAD attitude. and it's contagious. but i can also have a good attitude, and that's definitely contagious too. especially with the kids.

part of this past 'bad wave' was the boys fighting. a lot. and part of my new plan, is bible time on the couch in the mornings. i have my coffee and my 3 still pj'd boys...and we get their little bible and read. and then we work on verses, and we pray. and THAT my friends, is a good way to start the day.

so far we've done 2 verses. verses we've learned before, but i want to keep track of which ones they know so i started over. i was going to do a verse a week, but they learned it so quickly i think we'll do two.

"children, obey your parents" col 3:20
and "be kind and loving to each other" eph 4:32

i'm making them each an index card with their own verse, and putting them on the door in the kitchen. here they are practicing this morning.

i absolutely adore that gus barely speaks in sentences, but the kid can recite a verse. makes me happy.
and i'm not even making this up. they have been WAY better the past few days. sweeter to each other. sweeter to ME. i love when something i come up with WORKS!

hopefully we can ride this wave for a while.

Psalm 93:4
Mightier than the thunders of many waters,
mightier than the waves of the sea,
the LORD on high is mighty!

(in no order...some pictures from the past week or so.... )