Monday, March 29, 2010

4 months old today.

are you kidding me?
wasn't this like 10 minutes ago?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

busy, busy

ok pictures first. i can't seem to keep gus well. as soon as i think he's fine again, he gets a random fever for a few days. he is warm and snuggly though. his chubby little face. love it.

leo is so fun. kevin should have prayed for a rotten kid so i wouldn't want any more.

the big boys looked sooooo cute sunday, if i say so myself.

ok this was going to be a REALLY cute picture, but i actually think this is hilarious. gus was showing leo the pictures in this book, "wook weo, wook!" amazingly precious. as soon as i grabbed the camera though, he dropped the book on leo's face and leo was crushed. gus just stared like, "huh. well that went downhill fast." so. funny.


i told kev the other day, i think i can be a good mom, keep a super clean house OR save us crazy money with obsessive coupons. but not all. maybe 2.

so for the moment my super clean house has become moderately livable[in my OCD opinion].

b/c the mom thing, i figure is my job.

the coupon thing is FUN and gives us more money.

the house...well it always gets dirty again. so whatever. though i do have a goal today of finding out what the bottom of our laundry buckets look like.

Friday, March 12, 2010

we have been distracted from blogging by 1) great weather and 2) coupon kraziness

quite picture update!:-)

Monday, March 1, 2010

first and most importantly HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear kev:-)
i'm sorry i didn't blog about you on your bday, b/c you are the best thing ever and completely blog-worthy. ;-)
we saw book of eli on his bday and it was AWESOME. didn't think i'd like it at first, but it is completely worth sticking out.

kev. you are the best. period. going on that blind date 9 years ago[!!!] was one of the better decisions i've made so far. love you.

now for some babies and deals. here's rex ready for pj day today. he was very concerned that he'd be the only one in pjs. "Are you SURE it's pj day mom?"

leo pants. leo mcDeo. leopold.
you sweet little baby.
happy 3 months.

ah, free stuff, via coupons. yes this stuff was COMPLETELY free.

sajo and i have had an overwhelming amount of requests for a coupon class, and so this saturday we are doing one...and a russellville version is in the works. we are calling the class "getcha coup on". if you haven't seen the video promo, check it out:-p

rex thinks he is hot stuff if we ever let him "hold leo standing up". he can't just pick him up whenever...but often i'll have him take leo to kevin or vice versa if we are all in here. you should see his face--the pride is adorable.

leo looks MASSIVE there.

my quiver looks pretty full there.

gus got a big balloon for valentine's with a big clip on it. leo loved looking at it, so kev hooked it to his bib and he stared at it forEVER. hilarious.