Wednesday, May 26, 2010

shrimpy pants

everyone always talks about how big leo looks. he's around babies younger than him a lot, so he looks big enough to me. lord knows he's looooong.
today was his 6 month check up[wha!??!]. i know, he was born 5 minutes ago. but whatever.
so before i left i pulled out the boys' baby books so i'd have a comparison. rex was 14 lbs 5oz, gus 15lbs 1oz. 10th and 15th percentiles. since leo's been middle of the 2 usually(or loose-ually as rex would say. and don't you correct him), i was expecting high 14's. 13lbs 4oz! huh? that means he went from 10th percentile to falling off the chart. i was so surprised!!
not worried though. we haven't done too many solid foods, because he hasn't been interested. but we'll do some more now to pack on some weight. we know he won't stay little long! that's not how we roll around here.
when he's 14 and towering over me we'll laugh at how once upon a time he wasn't on the weight charts.

*funny, all 3 boys were different weights at 6 mo, but all 26 inches long...*

fun to see our nurse friend today:-)


this baby loooooves his brothers.

and this baby isn't looking much like a baby anymore!:-(

just for kicks this is gus at the age leo is now. you can see that extra 2 pounds he had!!

it was in his head. i'm just remembering all those comments i got about his massive cabesa. leo has a slightly better head to body ratio. bahaha

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  1. I love that Leo is so happy at the dr office! I really miss the days where mind were happy there :)HA....and Gus, I just want to pinch his cute little clubbers face in that pic! he is still super cute just growing up SO fast!!!