Tuesday, May 11, 2010

geek alert

oh bad guys. i am outnumbered, you win.
you wreak havoc on my home every day, like an actual band of little messy bad guys.

(btw--leo is like a baby now. not a newborn. what in the world is that about?

i am a self proclaimed neat freak. but everyone knows your house can't stay perfect ALL the time. although, i think that EVERY time i get it super clean "THIS time it will stay!"...it stays perfect a few hours, then a little clutter builds up. i stupidly ignore it. then a few more hours it's straight up disastrous. but here's why my nerdiness comes in. sometimes i let it go a little further than that on purpose...to like state of emergency messy, because in my weird head the messier it is before, the cleaner it seems after. [same principle applies to dirty kids.]
the day after mother's day this is what had happened to my kitchen. believe it or not kev had the house completely spotless that morning. but this is what a day of living in your house + grocery shopping(with 3 kids) does.

i am SUCH A geek that i took before and after pictures. this is to remind me the next time my house seems overwhelming that i always end up with a clean house again.

how's THAT for a nerdy post??


  1. Too funny....our house was exactly the same...super clean, then messy by the end of the day. It drives me insane.

    p.s. Leo's smile is super cute as always :)

  2. i just want to know if you collect the coke rewards points from the end of that sprite 12 pack?
    if not, save the codes for me please?!! :)

  3. i know how you feel. ;) love the before and after!

  4. 3 sweetest bad guys I know of anywhere!