Sunday, January 17, 2010


we had a very eventful day friday.

i wake up at 4:00am throwing up. then again at 6. leo has a dr. appt at 8am, so kev agrees to take him. the dr. was nervous he might have pyloric stenosis(no need to learn what this is), and we knew she'd probably send us to the hospital right after for an ultrasound. kevin starts to feel sick right before he leaves, but decides he's ok. sandy watches rex for us, and gus and i watch veggies tales. he's never fully recovered from his bug, so he's pretty still for me.

kev texts me from the dr saying he thinks HE might throw up in there. ACK. he manages to hold off until he leaves and barfs in their landscaping. oops. sure enough she does want us to take him to the hospital though. i am feeling better[than kevin at least] so decided to leave kev home with gus and i'd go. since pyloric stenosis has the potential to be pretty serious/needing surgery quickly, we didn't want to put it off, just in case...

so i get there and feel the whole time like i'm about to get sick. i could barely hold leo's carseat. luckily my dad joined me and helped out! the ultrasound lady is super pessimistic about being able to see the pyloric valve at aLL and says she needs him to drink a bottle. uh, hello?? i end up having to nurse him right there on the table so she could see him swallow. well. she STILL can't. so we wait some more and end up doing an xray and barium swallow. i can't believe he drank that barium bottle! that was just answered prayer. along with the fact he's FINE. but wow. what an ordeal.
i was sick i didn't have my camera, but i did get this with my phone of him in the xray machine. hehe

i can only imagine what the bill for that morning is going to be!

i get home about 1 and kev is half dead. ok, not really, but that brother gets SICK when he gets sick. gus is screaming his head off in his crib, leo is fussy from the chalky bottle. i am feeling really bad at this point b/c i'd been practically holding it in this whole time.

my mom, my HERO, came and got the big boys and we were able to rest. by dinner time we were all feeling better. rex spent the night with mom and dad, and kev, gus and i all had saltines and sprite for dinner, then watched CARS til bedtime.
it is no fun to all be sick at the same time! it's nice to be taken care of. no one can take care of you if they are barfing too!
but hopefully that bug is OVER at our house. our apologies to all we infected!!![mom!!:-(]
a few pictures..
sorry, i think crying babies are really cute...

leo was fussy the other morning, so i put him in the carrier and got some housework done. then managed to slowly detatch him and put him in bed. he slept like this over an hour! ha
our dr's office has blankets made for the babies they deliver. love gus's. now leo has a matching one. i wish rex had been delivered by the same dr!
and finally. my deals of the week. all this below cost me $7.50, but i applied some register rewards i had and only paid $1.88 out of pocket. WOOT!!!
our kids are obsessed with veggie tales at the moment so i was stoked about the toothbrushes. they sing the theme song too. haha--i needed a filler item or two to make my total more than zero. HA!


  1. We're so very sorry we live so far away and unable to help out in short notice.So glad everyone is feeling better.It sounds like the old saying "when it rains it pours".

  2. so glad that day is over for you guys!!
    saweet walgreens deals!!! can't wait to be able to do it too!

  3. Yay for grandmas who come to the rescue! Glad your sickness is done!!

  4. That is seriously an awful lot of barf. It sounds really scary too at the time. I've never seen doctors do that with the blanket--what an awesome idea.

  5. Glad you guys are over the stomach bug. It is a rough one this year! Very glad that little britches is okay, too!

  6. Ugh!! So glad that no good horrible day is over! That blanket is so sweet. Glad everyone is on the mend.

  7. bless your little heart! Glad Leo is ok. I got the exact same blanket for Rhett, lion and all, but his is a creamy color. Hope you're hanging in there...we need to get together soon so I can hold that little guy before he gets big like your boys always do!

  8. I love Pinnacle Women's Clinic...I saw Dr. Sarver, which I believe is married to Dr. Smith (?)
    She sent us a blanket too after Joshua. Unfort, we won't be seeing her for baby 3...she doesnt deliver at Washington Regional...boohoo. Gotta go where insurance pays :)