Monday, January 25, 2010

life at the krouts

it has been so nice to NOT be sick, to be getting more sleep, and to not be 0 degrees outside.
things have been pretty uneventful around here the last week, and that's how i like it.
wish i could think of something more blogworthy...but alas...i cannot...


  1. I completely understand. I have nothing blogworthy either. At least you have adorable photos of cute boys.

  2. That pic of Leo sure reminds me of another Leo sleeping with his mouth I can almost hear the snoring!!! I miss that Rex and Gus.I miss Gus saying "Gran,Gran watch" then jumping sort of.lolI need to get his sweet voice recorded.Hugs and kisses all around.xoxox

  3. Uneventful is good. YAY for feeling better! :) You don't really have time for such nonsense. Teehee. I REALLY need to meet Leo and pinch his sweet thighs and cheeks:)

  4. did you decide to redshirt Rex?? haha! I love that term being used in kindergarten! lol