Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a tad boring, but it's my blog

so i saw these things online that are supposed to help kids with bad reflux. since they are ridiculously priced, i tried to make one out of an expired carseat. ha--i was actually pretty proud of it, but it just sits too high so he's going to trip over. but since he's still teeny we've used it once or twice. he konked out in there this morning while i got the boys ready.

the other night kev was home late and i was trying to get the boys ready for bed. leo was fighting a nap, and the big kids were playing some "too rough for the tub" game and someone got bonked on the head...someone hit of them did it get the idea. they both knew they were in trouble, and for the 1st time since leo got here, all 3 kids were crying at the same time. it was so chaotic i just had to laugh. then i grabbed my camera b/c they looked SO ridiculous. they were really happy with me for this:-)

wouldn't you know when i got them out 2 seconds later they were upset that they couldn't play in the tub together anymore. ah....

now for some random thoughts.

sometimes i feel like i/we are constantly just waiting for the next thing to happen. i wake up and i'm antsy to get laundry done. waiting to clean the kitchen after breakfast. getting ready for school drop off. waiting on nap time. getting rex then waiting for kevin to get home. then ready to dinner. then even though i look foward to kevin getting home, he gets here and we're just waiting to get the kids in bed and chill. then we're just waiting for leo to konk out so we can go to bed to start all over. sometimes like we are never content with what is going on RIGHT THEN. not that i don't enjoy my time with all the boys, but it just sometimes seems we're always ready/wanting the next thing to happen.

before i was pregnant i was just waiting for that. then waiting to have him. now waiting until he sleeps a little get the point. silly!

so i'm trying to be much more deliberate about how we spend our time. planning to spend it and have fun with it.

starting with what i do with the kids all day. i'm going to start doing 1 fun thing each day[well hopefully more than that, but each day of the week having its own "thing"].
i'm copying this and going to make lunches in muffin tins on mondays. and i think we'll have a craft day, game day, cooking day...and i need one more. like picnic in the living room day or something. then assign each to a day of the week and it can be something the kids look foward to. i'm also going to make a little schedule of what cleaning stuff i do on what days, so i'm not always trying to catch up, and thus wasting time cleaning when i should be playing with the kids.

i found this old poem in a book i'm reading and i love it. going to frame it in my kitchen.
"cleaning and scrubbing can wait til tomorrow,
because children grow up for we've learned to our sorrow.
so quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep.
i'm rocking my babies, and babies don't keep"

on another note, we're contemplating holding rex back a year. still much thought to go into this, but welcoming opinions on the matter. that has also made me think more about what we do all day, b/c since leo we've been in "survival" mode a bit. running on little sleep, we've been watching LOTS of movies. i want more order and schedule to our day. i'm OCD like that.


  1. love the poem! and the pictures too!

  2. Hi Kelly, I have a blog now. : ) Regarding holding Rex back, I knew all the stuff they say about boys and still started Gabe in kindergarten in mid-August (age 4 turned 5 just a few days before the deadline.) Until January, I really thought we would be repeating kindergarten b/c the light just didn't come on. It finally did in Jan. and he started rememberign the letters and sounds and reading, but I probably still should've repeated...more for maturity. Whatever decision you make will be the right one, but it might give him more time to mature. Loved what you said about enjoying the moment you're in with your kids...wish I could go back and do that over EXCEPT that I don't want to have to go through potty training again! Love ya

  3. Hey KK - love your boys! You always have great updates! Regarding sending / not sending to kindergarten next year - welcome to my inner battle that I constantly think about. Well maybe not constantly, but I think about it alot. It really make me want to have #3 NOT in the summer! I believe we are goign to send Madilyn - as her preschool teacher says she is more than ready. We'll see what her screening says though. I think things would be different if she were a boy though. I was born the end of July and young for my grade, but I was just fine. Thats is why I think I am planning on sending Madilyn. My neighbor is an elementary principal and he said in all his years, he's never once had a parent say "I wish I had NOT kept my child back" - but he has had several parents say they wish they had. So - my long rant being - do what is right for Rex. Like I said - I think iknow what we are going to do, but am still battling making the decision. Ahhh - how easy it will be for Claire and her January birthday!!!

  4. i like the carseat cover thing you made! did you buy the fabric and just sew it to fit?

    i didn't know you were thinking of keeping rex back a year. i battle w/ this decision, too, but wouldn't want him to do it just because he's small -- ya know? it's hard to know how to make the decision.

  5. you are such a good mom, Kelly!!

  6. Hey Kelly!
    Cooper has reflux too! And a possible cow"s milk protein allergy. Cries while he is eating, extremely gassy and not sleeping well. we have him on meds and crazy expensive formula that we have to thicken while I cut out dairy from my diet so I can keep giving him breastmilk! We should chat sometime and exchange spit up stories...hah!

  7. both my boys had reflux, i have a little pillow you can borrow for the crib if you'd like? We need to get together soon!

  8. LOVE the little poem, and I'm with ya on the waiting feeling.

    Oh and the school thing, I can look at my 8th grade boys and tell which ones have early or late birthdays. At times there seems to be quite a big maturity gap.

  9. We laughed out loud of the pic in the tub!! Can't wait for that with our boys! I totally agree about the always waiting for the next big thing. And I am terrible at thinking I have to clean BEFORE we play....wish I would just play! I like the daily things u r doing. I tried something like that in december doing Christmas things and then got discouraged because it didn't always go as planned. I will try again! Love the muffin tin idea!