Wednesday, January 13, 2010

way to break in the new year boys! both the big boys had a rough stomach bug this past week. when rex was sick, gus would pretend to barf in the bucket just like rex. completely hysterical. though possibly contributed to him getting the bug a few days later. surprisingly[not] he was not able to apply that practice when he was the was barfing. ah well.
they were both very sweet and would pat the other's face, saying sweet things.
"ok wex? you ok?"
when gus would throw up, he'd help us wipe him up and say, "tank tu, mama, tank tu" in the sweetest most pathetic voice ever.
good times.
i do secretly like my kids being wimpy and sick, just a little, (i know i'm not the only one!;-)) b/c they are so sweet and snuggly. and they just need their mommy. at one point rex said, "mommy...i just need to hold you."
a few kid quotes.
"daddy, that fountain is almost sizes as you."
[i have no idea why "sizes as you" = "is almost the same size as you". but it's CUTE"
"mommy, at school, i saw a 4 whee-wer that looked like a moanercycle!"
[2 of the only few words left he says one sentence! love it]
gus is harder to quote...but in his bedtime prayer he's now clearly including leo, rex and daddy. not sure what exactly i have to do to make that list...but i'm hopeful i'll be added soon.
gus does talk to me about leo a lot. "mama, get 'em. cwyin'." "mama, baby. paci?"
speaking of leo. we've seen some good smiles lately.


  1. you are certainly not the only one. sick kids always = cuddle time. :)

    love the pics!! they're all so sweet.

    i'm glad rex still says words wrong. it's SO cute.

  2. Holy cow - that picture of Leo is SO.SWEET! How do you not eat him up!?! :)

    Glad both of the boys are doing better. How are you holding up? Is it silly to ask if you are getting enough sleep?

  3. How can Leo be smiling like that already? so yummy. moanercycle is the best word ever. I'm going to remember that one.

  4. Those pics just make me want a rocking chair and a grandbaby.

  5. In that last pic Leo looks like he has a halo!Give all 3 loves from Gran and Papa.