Sunday, January 3, 2010

rex was PUMPED to play in the snow. gus liked it for a bit, but did not appreciate kev and rex's snowball fights. gus lasted about 10 minutes, while i think kev and rex played for over an hour! then they went down the road in kevin's truck doing donuts. i did not watch that part...

sweet teeny leo

and some friends of ours at a new year's party

happy new year!


  1. Thanks for the sweet pics.I went to work as usual this a.m. the top of the mt.a little slick.Then a wreak at the foot of the mt. on I-40.Got to school and not one car in the parking lot.It felt funny.So came home to coffee and my book I'm lovin.Hope your day is warm and cozy.

  2. Great pics! The one of all of us is quite good! I must admit, we are a bunch of pretty good looking peoples :)