Wednesday, October 7, 2009

so i'm not so hot at updating this. i really like xanga better. hmmm....

the other day we went to visit kev at work and eat donuts. too bad that place is so crazy and he didn't actually get to eat them with us. but we're thankful he has a i'm not going to complain about that one. not on here anyway;-)

gus looks weird there.

here's the 4 grandbabies on my side. gus and lydia are a year apart and gus is rapidly catching her in size. i give it 2 more months before he's bigger for sure. whatta hoss.

these are some random old school hand-me-down pj's that i completely adore for some reason. makes him seem babyish to put him in a sleeper again! i love chilly nights. ah....

i am now THIRTY WEEKS!!! i need a fresh belly picture.
if leo is as cool as gus and comes 2 weeks early then we're looking at 8 weeks left! but even 10 doesn't seem long....honestly going to the due date would be easier for me as far as school goes for rex, b/c i'm not sure how fun it will be to take and pick him up with a wild 2 year old and carrying a bucket seat. it is frowned upon to leave kids in the car;-)

but i'm scared to have a baby "on time" for fear he'd be so much bigger than the others...b/c they just gain chub that last bit. hoping for another teeny one under 7 pounds! pretty please Jesus. he will be huge the rest of his life...just let him be tiny in december....

gus is eating play-dough. better go.


  1. i am really wishing i'd put max in the morning preschool so he could ride the bus ... i'm not looking forward to january when i have to get ruby AND baby out of the car to drop him off!

    gus and lydia are the same as monroe (gretchen's) and ruby and i bet he's as big, too.

    i can't believe you're 30 weeks ... how exciting!!!

  2. Thanks for the update!! I just love seeing how you guys are doing! I am predicting that Leo will be just over 7 lbs. I understand your fear though - both of my girls were under 7 lbs, and I am in fear that my next child will be "normal" sized. OUCH! Congrats on being 30 weeks :)