Saturday, October 31, 2009

Leo's room

i have a few finishing touches like finishing a canvas, and hanging the letters...but this is basically done. i'm in love with it. i love each nursery more than the previous one!!

i prayed and prayed about me wanting another baby...and asked kev if he would pray to. and what do you know you we got one. one night kev was flipping through the bible and ran across the verse

"for this child i have prayed, and the Lord has given me what i asked of Him..."
1 Samuel 1:27
he said we should put it up in the baby's room---so i'm painting a canvas now with that verse. it only occured to us later, after naming him, that the verse was in reference to SAMUEL...conveniently leo's middle name:-) making me love the idea that much more.


  1. I love Leo's room.Each room goes with each child's personality.Can't wait to see what Leo is like.

  2. that is such a neat story! And I love the room, you did an awesome job! Gus looked so cute today and wanted to tell me all about his hat, he's a sweetie. :)