Saturday, September 26, 2009

big time boo boo and garage sale jackpots

SO wednesday, while kev is driving home for lunch the preK center calls him and says that rex had taken a major spill and cut up his face pretty badly. they said he didn't need stitches, but they were worried about a concussion and thought we should go get him. ACK! we get him home looking like this.
he was seriously out of it for an hour or two. he was apparently running on the sidewalk and tripped, landing face first obviously, then another boy fell on TOP of him. double whammy.

the next morning his left eye was seriously swollen. he looked horrible!

but by the time i got him from school he looked[and felt] a ton better.

this football jersey cheer up gift from granny didn't hurt;-)

really bizare that this was the 2nd face injury, nearly mirroring this one from last summer.

he looks so babyish here!

now his scars will even up;-)

so onto garage sailing. our favorite. today was the mother of all nice neighborhood garage sales.

one of the boys' favorite books as babies was goodnight moon. i read it as a kid. just a classic, but we've destroyed our copy. got a nearly brand new one for $0.25. it's at least $6 at target. now leo can enjoy it too.

i got the boys this mcqueen tv/dvd player for FREE. granted, it's broken. but we have an electrician friend who i'm hoping can fix it up for us, and will make a great christmas gift for the kids. i've been wanting a little tv for the back of the house to throw a movie on for the boys if we have friends over or something.

i got kevin this cell phone clip for $.50. they are about $10. he uses them to hold his pump in, and they are constently breaking. so it's nice to have a backup on hand.

rex had his own money this morning, and picked out this mask for some change;-)

he wore it to the rest of the sales;-)

and now. for the mother of all deals.
i'm putting gus in rex's room in his crib soon...but in about a year i wanted to get some bunk beds for the boys. well yesterday we ran across this bed at a friend's sale. it looks more like the brown one, but is the blue color. it has BIG storage drawers underneath.

it's a pottery barn bed---brand new about $1400. nice stuff. she had it marked $225, but said she'd give it to me for $125. but we walked not what we needed that day! but it drove me nuts all day. so we decided to offer her $100 IF it didn't sell the next day. well she took it:-) we're going to set up the twin for rex, but leave the double part in the attic....then about this time next year buy a mattress and bunk it up. it's like my dream bunk bed!! they will love it.
and don't tell kevin, but i think we could easily fit rex, gus and leo in that bed making room for more babies around here. haha

speaking of babies. this tummy is getting big. we are in the 3rd trimester now!!
i wanted a pic with all 3 of my boys in it:-)

gus hanging out in his spot.
and giving "ollo" a kiss:-)
this post has taken me an eternity--off to do something useful!! good bye!


  1. When our girls were in a bunk bed, Olivia was about 16 months old so, she had rails on her bed. She liked to sleep right at the edge of the rail thing and the bed. When we gave them away, she was sad that we gave her "cracks" away. ha

  2. That bed is awesome!!! What a steal!! Your belly is so cute too - you look great. Poor Rex and his owie - that looks painful! What a tough little boy.