Tuesday, October 27, 2009

catch up

i have been horrible at updating this!
gus is TWO. sob! my sweet baby. he says/does the most hysterical things.

everything he does is prefaced by, "daddy, WATCH". he does not consistently call me 'mama'. it's usually daddy...and lately kelly...??? but occasionally i get mama. i should stop answering to every random name he uses...but i can't resist that fat face.

a few cuteness words he says before i forget...

moses[sandy's dog]="motion"
sajo= "jojo"
granny and grandaddy both = "grannin"
all done = "ah nun"
blanket is still "Bacon" and will be forever as far as i'm concerned...

everything you ask him that he wants to do is followed with major excitement and repeating the word. "gus, you want to read a book?" "YESH!!! ah BOOOOOK!" "you want some milk?" "YESH!!! AH MUK!!!" you get the idea...
the room sharing is still going well. they goof and talk for a while before bed, and while kev finds that kind of annoying...i find it very adorable that they love each other that much. and if they stay in their room and there's no crying a whining...i know better than to complain about that!

the other day in walmart kev was pushing gus in the cart and i was holding rex's hand. we were moving on to another section while kev looked at something and gus just yelled, "REEEEEEX!!! REEEEEEEEEEX!!!" like, how could you leave me?? and rex looked back reassuringly and said, "gus, gus it's okaaaaaaaaay....i'm just going with mommy b/c i love her!"

33 weeks this week. only a handful more...

we will finish leo's room for real in the next few days and i'll post pictures.


  1. Rex is such an awesome big bro! Love your family, you guys are wonderful! We seriously need to all get together soon!

  2. What a SWEET post. I LOVE those guys!!!!