Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"that's big boy stuff right there"

that's one of my more country parenting lines, and i use it a lot...when rex does something particularly "big boy". now he'll say it about himself when he does something cool. this whole post is "big boy stuff"

this past weekend kevin and rex, along with his dad, brother, and nephew went camping. rex had never been. i thought they made really cute campers. they had a lot of fun, despite it being VERY chilly!

when they got back, the little boys headed to granny's house to spend the night so kev and i could switch the rooms up. so gus is now in the big boy room...and leo's room is almost finished. i will post pics when we're done with it. this is about as done as the boys' room will get...though i want to paint some monster canvases and redo their letters. so far the transition has gone VERY smoothly. rex couldn't be more excited to have gus in there. we made a big deal about how cool we thought it was that he didn't mind to share his room, and he looked at us like we were nuts...almost like he never knew it was "his" in the first place...and sharing was better anyway. he can be a major goob sometimes, but we could not ask for him to be a better big brother. i can't wait to see him with leo since he'll "get it" much more this time.

it's not even that cramped in there with both the beds. i'm pretty happy with it.

the other night kev was going to get home late and i was trying to keep the boys busy while i was cooking. i really needed some help with the laundry anyway. sometimes i give rex some tongs to get the laundry out and have him put it in the dryer. this time we added gus to the assembly line and they were quite productive! everytime gus would throw it in and make it he'd yell, "i dih it!!"
just a cute one of a tired daddy doing bedtime stories...
that's all for now!


  1. That is JUST the cutest family in the whole wide world!Leo is still beating himself up for forgetting his camera.

  2. Too cute!!! I'll have to remember the tongs idea...great one :) p.s. I'm gonna miss mr. Gus being in my class....sniff....who's going to take my name badge off now? he he