Saturday, September 5, 2009

what a day

we have sort of started a tradition of "garage sailing" most saturdays. we both love it, and the kids get a kick out of it. well today was no different, and we left the house with ten buckaroos. ;-)

dave style.
at our 2nd stop a lady was selling a power wheels 4 wheeler for $5. FIVE DOLLARS. these things are $220 toys. i gave her $4.75...i felt bad to haggle too much at that price!

now we've yet to get it charged up quite enough, but we figure even if it doesn't work, we can buy a new battery pack online for about $15.
we took the rest of our ten spot to krispee kreme. could a 4 year old ask for much more in a day? fun to do great stuff for them now and then!

i'm a little disappointed that clearly i already have quite the preggo fat face. but that's ok. babies are worth it. in my defense, i had on no make up...though i'm not sure it's really slimming.


  1. What a deal KK!! I love saving money like that. What a fun little Saturday morning. And you are adorable prego - don't be hard on yourself!!!

  2. 5.00 ? Thats crazy!!! What a deal. Well, I miss you on the board, and Xanga. ( not that I ever post either). I'm trying to be better about blogging.