Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1st day of preK

the much awaited day! rex has been so excited.
we went to an open house last night, and i got a picture of him and his teacher.

he was really excited this morning.

they eat breakfast in the room as soon as they get there, and rex was VERY stoked to see pop tarts on the table:-) i'm betting that was a 1st day treat.

no drama at all when i left, he was too excited. all smiles and waves. made it easier on me!;-)

when i went to pick him up, i looked in the window on the side of the class. he was talking on a pretend phone. when he saw me, he was so excited he dropped the phone and started to run over...then clearly said, "oh!" went back, picked the phone back up and said something like, "i'll call you back later, my mommy is here"
he said he liked it. the teacher and asst. apparently did a skit about sharing a book. they also have bikes outside, but apparently he "didn't keep his hands to himself" so he didn't get to ride at the 2nd recess. ha.
we'll talk about that;-)
he also said there are "magic water faucets" in the bathroom that come on all by themselves.
i asked if he wanted to go back tomorrow and he said, "oh yeah yeah, that will be great!!"


  1. i love the picture of the two of you in the crayon!! so sweet.

  2. Yeah! So glad he likes it, I keep forgetting to ask you how he's doing. And I think you'll like blogspot a lot better, it's easy and simple!

  3. Dude...way to let a sister know that you have a new blog;) Welcome to blogger, it's so much better! Yay. Now I don't have to jump through hoops to leave you a comment! I miss you!!!