Friday, September 11, 2009

goofy kid

i love this kid. he is hilarious.

i think i appreciate him even more now that he's gone at preK a lot of the time.
yesterday it worked out easier for him to come to the dr. with me for my checkup. it was the glucose test day, so i had to get blood drawn. i was telling him on the way what would happen, so he wouldn't get freaked out or something[he's protective of his mommy:-)]. he said, "mommy, i will hold your hand when they get your blood so you won't be scared":-)

i have to do a lab each visit...and of course i took him to the bathroom with me, hoping he wouldn't notice. no luck...."mommy, did you just PEE in that CUP!? ohmygosh, you are NOT gonna drink that!!! oh mommy! do not knock that over!! grooooosssssss....i gotta go potty too but i will NOT pee in a cup!" i was cracking up in there.

we get to the exam room and he entertains me with songs and stories from school. [this is usually the most boring part. no people to watch. at least in the lobby i can be on duggar watch.]

the dr gets there and he holds my hand while he checks leo's heartbeat[just in case that's the "blood part"]....i don't even remember what he said to the dr, but he was a total ham in there too. he does a great impression of the baby's heartbeat.

then we go to the lab. he can't actually go in, so he stands at the door and asks why they put me in a "high chair", b/c there is a rail in front of it for them to lay out the vials and stuff. then when he sees the needle gets this cute nervousy face and says, "oh mommy, just don't get nervous!"
i really should take him along more often. he's a fun guy.

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