Wednesday, September 16, 2009

alrighty, let me try again. blogger, this is your last chance.

today is the 16th, making us officially THREE months from the due date. if this little brother follows suit and shows up a tad early, even less! my birthday is the 10th. so maybe a baby boy for my bday would be nice. :-)

update on the boys: rex ADORES preK. the other day when i asked him how his day was, he said, "mommy, it was just great. i really love it!" he's apparently the only kid that naps. but his teachers still seem to like him, so i'm happy. i know from experience it's EASY not to like the non-napper sometimes...

gus is hitting the 2's a month early, but is still pretty stinking funny anyway. the other night he had a hard time going to sleep[short nap at MDO=rough bedtime sometimes] and i went in his room to calm him down. in the past when i've done this, if i LEAVE before he's asleep he'll i was bending over the crib rubbing his fat lil face. it was sweet. seemed to last forever, but this only happens once in a blue moon. just as i thought my back might break, he looks up at me and sweetly, but clear as day says, "go away". HA!!! like, "i just needed a little help chilling out, but if you'd get out of here i could go to sleep. didn't you WANT me to go sleep on my own?"

a very successful photo shoot with the boys at picture people. see previous paragraph on gus hitting the 2's....


  1. How SWEET are those two?

  2. hahaha...can you see my comment now?

  3. Just a quick thank you for the Grandparent' s Day gift from the boys.I know those things don't just happen without a special daughter-in law that makes it happen. We love the pics the boys drew and the pics you took are going on my fridg.We LOVE all 5 of you!XOXOXOXOXO Gran and Papa