Saturday, July 24, 2010

vacation detox and back to normal

what? i have to do laundry, cook, clean and be responsible for other people?


that's a lot of work.

our vacation was quite the successful break from reality. i almost forgot what my real life was like. not that i don't love my real life. and i'd certainly miss it if it weren't what it is for long...but the vacation life was a tad easier! i feel like i'm still easing back into my routine where i used to get things done. not gonna lie, the first few days back felt a little like this.


today is the first day that's felt "normal". our saturdays are like everyone else's weekdays, because kevin has friday off instead. we tend to be super lazy when he's home. and i babysat the day before that. and went to the dr. for leo the day before that[btw he's tipping the scales at 15lb even, hovering around the 1st percentile. they say he's not on the chart, but hello....below ZERO isn't on the chart;-)]. etc....but TODAY. normal.

last night we worked at one of our church childcare jobs. and one of the fun perks is when we leave everyone from the service eats donuts and we grab one for everyone on our way out. the kids get so pumped. well they didn't have them last night. and we get out of there at 9:30. so disappointed kids[and parents, if we're honest], + past their bedtime....that's gonna equal drama. so before the breakdowns we opted for some krispee kreme. so everyone got donuts, everyone went to bed happy.


and woke up extra happy since we had some left over.
so on our donut high we braved target and walmart.
i always dress my kids extra cute when we go shopping. hair combed, teeth brushed, breakfast off their faces...because i want people to think i have it all together? well, maybe a little. but mostly so if they throw fits and make me look like an idiot...then at least they looked a little cuter doing it. and if they are great, then they are just THAT much cuter and well behaved, because they didn't look like scuzballs.
makes sense to me.

after not having been to the store with me in weeks, truthfully, i was expecting the worst. watching mom shop and browse through her coupon binder isn't on their top ten lists of awesome activities. but they were great. i mean really great. i wouldn't say it if they weren't, because it's not the norm for a long grocery trip. in fact, the last time we went to the store rex said before we left, "mommy, i KNOW i'm not always good at walmart. but today, i'm going to try. i really, really am." so hilarious that he really WANTS to be good, but sometimes it's just too hard.

as a treat for their star cart behavior we did our "special lunch". which is lunch on the floor in muffin tins. whatever floats your boat little krouticles....


marshmellows were the highlight of that lunch. oh how i love toddler words. rex has called them "Smarshmellows" forever and if you dare correct him i'll smack you. gus noticed them on his tray and said, "wow!! soose monos!!! yay!!"
only gus could come up with THAT.


vacation was heavenly, but i do love my life where the highlights of my day are pleasant shopping trips and words like soose monos.


  1. What a SAD little face.You have a sweet life but even people with sweet lives need a little break once in a while.Give all 4 of those boys a Kiss from Gran and Papa

  2. the walmart bit. :)
    soose monos!

  3. soose monos?! It sounded so funny in my head that I had to say it out loud. Even funnier!

  4. What a cute bunch you all are. I love that you are soaking up the "mundane" moments, because truly, that's where the JOY is when you look back at them in a month or a year or in ten. I'm so glad you're present in those moments!