Sunday, August 1, 2010

seven, seven,

some have been more sickness than health, some have been more poor than rich....but all have been better than worse since we got to be together through them.
and i totally get how cheesy that is and wrote it anyway. because it's true.
sometimes i still feel like we're dating. then i look up and see all these little boys and freak out for a second....when in the world did that happen? but time really does fly when you're having fun. and that is what we do best. we'll always have fun with whatever we're dealt, because that's how we roll. you will always give me that "he's sassy because you are" look when one of our kids smarts off. and i'll always give you that "are you serious? is this that much trouble?" look when you don't close drawers and cabinets. and we'll look at each other like saps when our kids do sweet things for each other, because somehow they learned that from us.
we're getting so good at having fun we hardly even have to talk to do it.
i couldn't be happier with our little life just like it is.
you're my favorite.
happy anniversary, mr. kevin.


  1. haha
    nice subject!

    happy anniv!!!
    u guys are too cute

  2. sheesh! you almost made me cry, that could be a Hallmark card! Happy anniversary you hippies. :)

  3. So sorry I forgot to call you two on your BIG day.I thought of it a few days before and then dropped the ball! I sure can't think of a better couple with the sweetest little family in the whole wide world!!!