Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i'm giving myself 10 minutes to update this thang, because i have a big list of stuff i SHOULD be doing! but this is more fun. and i hate when i go over a week. this is just 6 days, so boo ya.

the 4th was stinking fun. we did a honkin' garage sale of STUFF we didn't NEED[see simplifying!] and made $400. and it's so much more spacey and clean in here. loving it. i keep telling myself my house wasn't *that* bad before, but maybe it was?

that night we went to a fireworks show the city put on. gus was pretty terrified at first, but loved it by the end. "mommy, you SEEDAT?!" um yes, yes i did...leo just sat entranced by the whole thing. knew rex would love it and he did.
so we went to another show the next night, why not? i was feeling very nostalgic with all the america-ness and patriotic music to fireworks. we really are blessed to live in such a great country. ah....

kevin had to go back to work on monday, but the boys and i continued the holiday with a little splash parkin' it. we have been working hard on "staying together" when we're out and about because i can't hang on to everyone. i'm outnumbered like that...but the big boys are SO good at this now. love it.


ok my time is up[ok, i went over by 6 minutes]. gotta pack!! next post, pictures of our VACATION!!! AGHH!!!!


  1. love your 4th outfits!!
    now i'm ready for the vaca pics and low-down. ;)