Monday, February 1, 2010


so we've had a ridiculous amount of snow! we are going on like our 7th snow day or something.

we went to sandy's today to play in their sweet snow fort/slide. this thing was amazing!

this is what leo was doing inside:-)

i was burping leo this morning and he feel asleep...i sorta slid him off my shoulder so i could get up and he stayed asleep in this cute ball:-)

he's cuddly like that:-) i think he's the cudliest so far.

some kid quotes
rex, "i feel sick." me, "how sick?" rex, "like, 20 miles or something..."
??? goob
gus, 30 times a day, "mamam i brusha TEEEEE?" [can i brush my teeth?]
some more goofing around


  1. I take it Rex really loves that game I got him @ Christmas. It's been in nearly every pic lately.We love your sight can't wait for up dates.I bet they had FUN in the fort\slide.

  2. haha, the sick quote made me smile

  3. All of your boys (including Leo)have the LONGEST legs! Keep giving us the quotes. They make me smile too.

  4. we had a blast too!! snow pics are just about the greatest!

  5. ha funny! My kids LOVE getting their teeth's crazy!!!! They start jumping up and down and screaming for excitement when we get their brushes and toothpaste out.