Monday, February 8, 2010

sleeping cuteness, deals, grins and twinkies

these are out of order but i'm too lazy to move them anyone else dislike how you have to move pictures in blogger, or am i missing some easier way???

sunday at walgreens: i'll spare you the confusing details, but i got 2 packs of diapers[worth $9 each], 6 2 liters[on sale 3/$4], a peanut butter and a jelly, all for $9.98 plus tax. don't even ask me how. it was confusing.
i heart being stocked on diapers. it really stinks to realize you just used the last one. that won't happen for a LONG time over here. i bet in this house right now i've got well over 1000 diapers between gus and leo. [*i just counted out of curiousity, and we have about 850. ha]

some sleep pictures. gus's sleep has been so craptastic lately, that i wouldn't risk taking pictures if he was asleep.

this kid could not be more into super heroes, bad guys, powers, and fighting.

getting some more frequent smiles from tiniest boy! i honestly think the zantac is helping a little already. he just seems happier and is sleeping better. though he doesn't love the medicine. why flavor baby medicine PEPPERMINT? and why put on the warnings "do not drive or operate heavy machinery"? really?

my "babies". HA. gus almost looks superimposed on this picture, he's so big.


people always ask who i think leo looks more like. and this is why i say REX all the way.


  1. cute stuff. No, I hate that too (that you have to move the pics once you've posted them) it didn't used to be like that...maybe I'm missing something too!

  2. omg i love the twinkie picture. kev is even wearing the same-ish color!!

    so happy about all those diapers!

  3. Adorable pictures! The way I usually insert pictures is that I scroll to the place in the text I want them, and then open the photo tool and insert it into that specific place. Blogger used to make it where you had to insert them and drag, but for me it is fixed?