Thursday, February 4, 2010

life with 3, 2 months stats, 1 playdate

i admit i had a few days earlier this week that i wondered if i could cut it with 3 kids. long lines with 3 kids are hard. shopping with 3 kids allows no room for food. no sleep with 3 kids just sucks!!

just when i was giving up hope of ever sleeping again, gus and leo cut me some slack last night and i feel so great. not getting my hopes up too high, but hopefully we'll see more nights like that in our near future...

[we're big swaddlers, and i just ordered some of these blankets off ebay and i can't wait! he can bust out of most of ours, and if he doesn't do that he barfs on them]
we had leo's 2 month check up yesterday. he's finally gaining weight at an acceptable rate to his dr. almost an ounce a day! he's weighing in at 9lb 10oz
good boy! though i'm always a little sad when they hit double digits, never to return. newbornness is so short. sadness.

i talked the dr. into giving him some zantac, so we'll see if that makes him a little less fussy.

i always get a kick out of comparing milestones. the 2 month stats for all were
rex 8lbs 10 oz
gus 9 lbs 15oz
leo 9lbs 10oz

will be fun to see who is the biggest when they are all done growing:-) my current vote is gus. look at that hoss!
breakfast was particulary cute/funny this morning. this is just so "boy" and i love it.

see the cheerio on his booty?

we had a playdate this morning with a buddy of gus's, ben. they are some cute little boys!! nice to get some chat time with another mom of 3 little ones about the same age as ours. thanks for having us becca!

just a goofy picture waiting on the dr at leo's appt....what a cheese

thanks for reading!


  1. It's the first thing I do when I get home.LOVE, LOVE,LOVE those pics.Leo has grown so much.I can't wait to see all 3.I had a Dr. visit and now I'll have to see an Ortho.Dr. about my shoulder.Now it is off too On ramp.

  2. awwww. I do not miss the sleepless nights. I do miss ity bity babies though.

  3. would you believe that Simon weighed in at 9 lbs 10 oz yesterday?! I am so used to having tiny babies, so it's weird to me that he's so big already. Yet he seems tiny compared to the big kids -- haha.
    I'm glad Leo is staying small for ya. I hate when they are out of the newborn stage :(

  4. [flip-flop]
    Hear that? Yep - it is my uterus all going crazy. :)
    Your boys are PRECIOUS.
    I am so beyond glad that you were able to get some sleep last night...
    Who knows - maybe it isn't a fluke?
    I was telling someone about you today - basically how you are a rockstar and an amazing mom all rolled into one. :) You can absolutely do three (or more if you want!) My mom always said that three was the hardest number for her - that it got easier with #4 and beyond....hang in there - and I will be moving there soon, so maybe I can come have play dates with the boys so you can have some free time? We'll talk. :)
    Better quit writing - this is a huge comment! Should have just emailed you already - hahaha

  5. so cute, you're dong great! could you email me those pics of Gus Gus and Ben? Love em!

  6. You are a braver woman than I... We stopped at 2. ;)

    I can hardly remember my kids that size. It all happens so fast. I miss it, but Mick keeps telling me we're done! haha

    I just relive the moment through your blog...That will at least cut down on the stretch marks. ;)