Friday, February 19, 2010


man. so my new year's resolution to get back into hardcore couponing is still in action. and with sajo jumping on board, it's even more fun. she's gotten to be a pro in record time and keeps me motivated! [and finds half my deals for me:-)]

check out this sweetness. today shopping i saved a little over $65 in coupons. here's a bunch of stuff that was completely free or made me money.

travel section! shop it! some coupons don't exclude travel size, and makes them frizzy free. that box of wipes was a random coupon from a friend[thanks becca!]. boy do we go through those! what is fun, is like i had a coupon for $2.50 off 2 dove hair care products. the dove things i bought were $.97, so that means i got $.56 toward my normal purchase.[i had 3 of those, score] they were paying me to take them. bahahahah. my fave.

my mom gives me her coupons[thanks!] from the paper, i get my own, and sometimes there are extras laying around at work. then i can end up with 4 or 5 of the same coupon, so when i get a deal i get it several times. like this ALL was on sale for $3.97, i had 3 $2 coupons, then a good one for the snuggle sheets too. 32 loads for like $.06 a load. HOLLEr.
[on that note. i do like 3 loads a day to stay on top of it. my waterbill has actually gone up over $15 a month since leo was born. the boy barfs on everything!!]

so how are sandy and i pulling off this madness? i will show you my new obsession. am i embarassed to pull this bad boy out at walmart? uh, no, b/c i'm saving massive amounts of money by being able to see all my coupons so fast:-)

don't give me that crap that "off brand is cheaper than using coupons anyway" b/c you are WRONG! you just have to find sales and use your coupons then.
it's like a drug, really.
enough of that. you probably read this b/c you care more about seeing my cute little offspring.

so there ya go:-)


  1. I CANNOT wait to see that sweet baby boy in person!! :) Yay!!

    Love your coupon-ing. I want to see how you have your binder set up...even if I started to use coupons for toiletry stuff, I bet I would save ought to start a class and charge people to teach them how to do what you do - I bet that you would have some takers!


  2. i love doing this so much. it just makes me so happy!! so glad we're in this together!

  3. I wish I had a coupon buddy here. It's hard for me to go to Wal-greens and deal with them every time. I'm getting better at knowing how to have them ring up my order. You have some serious scores there.

  4. Hey girl. I'm so proud of you. I've been couponing for years and I am intrigued with your notebook system. I have a file type thing which I'm not that happy with. Hmmm.

  5. OMG! I used to follow you on xanga, and I just saw your picture on hip2save's website....which linked me to your facebook fan page. How cool!!!