Tuesday, August 25, 2009

catching up

in effort to maintain a blog better i'm posting 2 days in a row!

i am 24 weeks tomorrow. if i'm as lucky as i was with the other 2, and get leo 2 weeks early, then that makes us 14 weeks out from being a family of 5! that doesn't sound long to me. kev and i were flipping through the boys' baby books last night and all those newbie pictures got me excited. i. adore. newborns.

ugh! can't wait. they are delicious. poor kev. i will probably want 5 more.

i should stop eating like a cow so leo has a chance at not being a total chub.

i was explaining to rex the other day that when leo is big and strong enough he will come out and we'll have another baby at our house. he said, "yeah, and i bet his hand is going to come out of your belly button!" <--probably. then i told him again about gus moving in his room...and he said, "and we can move leo's crib in there too and i will be in the middle and we will all be togedder."

just a catch up on some favorite pictures of the boys from the last couple weeks.

sandy bought rex those awesome jeans he wore in the fashion show as a back-to-school gift:-) love you sajo!

those are gran's glasses...he borrowed them and was doing EVERYthing that kevin did. it was really cute to watch.

my sister brought that jersey over for gus, and rex wanted to wear it. funny thing is, it's about that tight on gus too.


  1. That last picture is super cute!

  2. oops! Forgot to sign Allen out and myself in. That last comment was from me. :)

  3. i love all the pics!! they're great. the jeans look killer on rex. he HAD to have them.

  4. Cute cute cute KK! You inspired me. I had to start a blog here. Check mine out! I am new at this though - so don't tease me! :)

  5. Such cute boys! Can't wait to meet baby Leo as well! Rex does look like a stud in those jeans!