Monday, August 24, 2009

new blog

well all of our friends are just now creating blogs...and being burnt out on my old one[], i thought i'd try to renew the passion with a fresh new blog.

kelly and the krout boys makes more sense than stillchubhottie anyway:-)

it will take me a bit to figure this one out i'm sure...but i'll try to be a better updater.

the other night at the gap we had a new denim "launch party" rex and the other krout kids got to be models in the fashion show. they looked SO cute if i say so myself.

i ordered Leo's bedding today, thanks to his gran and granny...i can't wait to get started on his room[once i kick gus out of it that is].

rex starts preK this wednesday. he is super excited. i will update later with some first day of school pictures!!! i am a little sad about it, but also excited about getting some one on one time with gus before leo gets here...and rex is really pumped. i know he will have a blast.


  1. Love your new blog, Kelly! The bedding is super cute by the way!

  2. I like the new look. Keep up the good work for the grands.

  3. I was just thinking...."Kelly hasn't blogged in a while." I miss the days when you blogged almost every day. :)

  4. love leo's bedding! are you going to have rex and gus share a room now?

    did rex get to keep the clothes that he modeled? i hope so!! :)