Tuesday, April 20, 2010

no particular order on this stuff.
gus loooooves leo. he's always saying this stuff.
"i checka weo" -i'll check on leo
"i talka weo"
"weo, a paci?"
"weo, what wong?"
and my favorite...is when he talks in a baby voice to him...just a tad higher than his regular voice. he sat here forever this morning helping weo keep his paci it. leo just loves watching him. rex doesn't spend nearly as much time stopping to hang out with the baby. i think leo and gus will be tight:-)

leo can almost fit both hands in his mouth. when he's happy/excited he always does this.

ok i love this stage about little boys. they all at some point love to line cars up!

we've started a big project in the front...digging up the old flower bed. it's a work in progress, but we have some good help.

notice who has what shovel here...


  1. Great pictures as always :) I especially love the one with bare chests and boots.... *pinch*
    Weo - what a blast to have an older brother who delights in him like that!! You are doing such a good job raising them to love and look after each other, my friend. It is fun to watch :)

  2. I LOVE ALL the pics.I really needed a yummy grandkid's post!!! I got you a little mother's day gift from Gus.I hope you'll like it.Many thanks for all the great stories and pics.Your the BOMB!!!

  3. If the Krout men can have a camp out I have an adventure for the Krout girls next time we are together in Russ.I'm excited!!!