Thursday, April 15, 2010


i feel like i only post about the weather lately. but seriously. it's ridiculously gorgeous. we've spent most of our time in the front yard or park hopping. leo seems to enjoy it too.

kev already showing off his favorite baby trick.

nothing like getting nasty dirty at the park then getting super clean in the tub. they seem cleaner the nastier they were pre-bath. this is a so-fresh-an-so-clean pic ready to make cookies.

some updates.

rex--favorite mispronunciation
without= "about"
ex. "i'm going to be a bad guy, but about a mask this time"
gus--been a bit of a handful lately middle child? ;-) i feel like he's right on the brink of moving into a little bit more reasoning/logic. his receptive language is ok, but communicates horribly. lol....he's not been sleeping so hot either. but getting better. i have a picture to prove it. ha

leo--rolled over the other day! though so did some of his lil friends that are younger than him. haha....he's the happiest thing. loves staring at his brothers and grinning with his whole face, and sucking on his fingers. a new talent.


  1. Leo's feet are soooo big I could cry! Those big blue eyes are too sweet.Rex and Gus are growing like a weed. And,yes the weather is beautiful and especially so now that testing is over!!!

  2. hehehehe. so cute. i adore that leo loves when kev holds him up like that! his smile is precious.

  3. *pinch* They're all so cute!