Saturday, November 14, 2009

a choppy update. i'm not even going to put those pictures where they go. blogspot is more work.

35 weeks...just a few more to go. hoping for a tad early like the other boys. still debating on our thanksgiving plans...i will see the dr the day before and we probably won't decide until then! i just don't want to be in labor in the van. and if that means we eat at dixie cafe here on our own, i'm cool with that.

rex is getting excited and every few days asks if "leo has come out yet?" i tell him he will KNOW for sure when that happens. he tells me a lot that he will "babysit all the babies" when he gets here...

my dearest sister, sister-in-law and friends threw me a "sprinkling" today...though it was very generous to get a wimpy name like that! we are set.

kev took a trip to russellville today and i put all the new diapers, clothes, etc away. love it.


  1. i love that they called it a "sprinkling" -- cute idea!

    you could possibly have a november baby huh?! crazy!

  2. Well it does look like you guys are ready for Leo's first roar.We sure enjoyed the kids being here but,did miss the other half of the Krout clan.Glad you got alot done and hope Rex's head is all better by now.